People Judge You First, Then Your Idea

Your boss doesn’t need life complicating. She’s under pressure. He’s busy. She’s got deadlines. He has objectives. Your manager has a family. A schedule. Your boss has a boss. Head honchos who are stressed, busy, hit by deadlines, and under pressure to meet objectives. You want them to say ‘yes’ to your idea. But, it’s always going to be easier to say ‘no’.

Only about 1% of proposed ideas are ever accepted. Strangers make most of the decisions about whether to develop your insight. People who don’t know you can reject your genius concept. They don’t know the way you think. They don’t care what your idea has cost you in blood, sweat and tears.

They will judge you first. It’s a mistake to assume otherwise. There are several reasons people judge the messenger before the message. Innovative proposals are uncertain. They are unproven and trying them in the market is the only way of testing them out. Often, the component parts of a breakthrough idea use knowledge at the cutting edge. The person assessing your idea doesn’t have the necessary expertise to judge the future because no one does. If they can trust the messenger, they can trust the message.

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